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Meet Principal Davis


Mrs. Keisha Davis
BCE Principal since Fall 2022
(763) 561-4480 x 4222


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What is your professional background?

I was an elementary teacher for several years - 12 years teaching elementary school children. Then I went into racial equity work as an equity teacher for a few years and then went into my administrative position as an assistant principal for six years. Became a principal in a different district, and now I’m here in BC. 

What are you looking forward to most about your new role?

I am excited about being in Brooklyn Center. I’m excited to be amongst people who are just in love with their city, who stand strong, and who stand front and center. I am ready to be a part of a community that reflects me, my beliefs, and my values. I am looking forward to what is already being put in place in our classrooms - our restorative practices pieces. That is definitely what I land my feet on and that is something in my previous positions that has really changed a culture into a more positive way to build a community in a school.  

What inspired you to work in education?

What pushed me to be in education was my love for children. I am a caregiver and, in my heart, I am a servant leader. I always want to make sure that I do right by people and that the love of children that I have is expressed through my actions.

I went into education because I struggled as a student, in particular being a student of color. There were so many loopholes and resources that weren’t there. Initially, I was not looking into being an administrator. I went into getting my administrator license because, as a teacher, I wanted to understand why principals made the decisions they made. As a student, my gifts and needs weren’t being recognized, so I want to help amplify the voices of little Keishas out there and show them that they are worth the time and effort. 

What do you do when you are not at work?

I spend a lot of time with my children and spouse. I’m passionate about building communities up and creating possibilities and opportunities for children in the community. I worked on a committee to bring a Juneteenth celebration to a local community. I also team with other schools and help them with their summer programs and implementation of new things. What you see me do during the day is really what I do outside of the office as well.

What are some fun facts about yourself?

  1. My favorite snack is popcorn!

  2. I like to be active and exercise (running, jogging, walking, kickboxing)!

  3. I like to learn new things - especially cool new facts!

  4. I love children’s books! I hope to complete a children’s book of my own one day.

Do you have a special message you want to share with the Brooklyn Center Community?

I am just so excited and so proud of all the things that are going on here. I’m so excited to join this great team of folks - everyone I have met are like minded folks and listen with their heart, mind, and soul to make sure that what we are doing for children benefits them and their families. I’m also excited about being in a community school: Wrapping around a child, family, and community to make sure the whole child is taken care of and making sure that we consider every aspect of a child’s growth and development is what my whole heart and soul is about.

Children of BCE: I am so excited to meet and greet you. I am so excited to see your skills and things you are working on and to help you in your school journey. I am an administrator that gets involved so you will see me in your classrooms. I’m also a learner like you! My hope for us is that we can all end each day and say that we have learned something new. I look forward to working with you!

Families of our scholars: Please connect - I’m one who loves to build relationships! You’ll see me out in the community. I’m also looking forward to partnering with the Middle and High School so our younger students and older students have intergenerational connections across the district. I welcome your children who have gone through BCE back to let me know what their experience was and learn how I can enhance our programming for the current and future students coming through BCE.

Community: I want to partner with community leaders and organizations, I want to make sure that you know that BCE is your home too. You can be readers, come in and explain what you do, be an expert and share your work with our STEAM students. I look forward to your involvement! 

New Hires: Welcome! I’ll be new too and we will get to begin our journey at BCCS together. I am excited to have you join our team!